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We specialize in the setting up and streamlining your accounting department. We are often able to achieve significant savings for our clients by the incorporation of modern-day techniques.

We are a supplier of the popular QuickBooks® accounting software. We can deliver this in various languages, with single or multi-currency option, and from the simplest package for 1 user to the heavier Enterprise Solutions version with multiple users.

Based on your specific wishes, we provide one-off or continuous support in carrying out your accounting activities.

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Online accounting

Online accounting has many advantages compared to traditional accounting on a stand-alone or mainframe computer.

Some of the more important features are:

  • You software is always up to date
  • Access your date from anywhere
  • Data is safely stored 'in the Cloud’
  • No down-time in case of calamities
  • Handy data-import features
Linkels Accounting provides hands-on support to make the switch from off-line to online accounting. A cut-over can often be realized in under 24 hours.

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Financial Statements

We ensure good, fast and professional compilation of your financial statements.

When it comes to compiling the financial statements, we offer two options:

  • The organization processes its own financial information such as the day-to-day bookkeeping. Once everything is posted, we compile the P&L and Balance Sheet
  • We take care of both the bookkeeping and compilation of the financial statements for you
Of course, a combination is also possible. Many of our customers take care of their own data input, but may need temporary support due to a lack of time, the temporary absence of an employee or a vacant position.

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