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In-company training

Most of our standard training programs can also be arranged in-house for your organization. This is often a more economical option, with the additional advantage that the trainer can focus on issues which are relevant to your particular organization.

We do however also design "tailor-made" programs for your organization, according to your specific needs and specifications. These programs are not only flexible in contents and duration, but can in general also be suited to meet your particular budget. Based on your input, we will be happy to provide you with a proposal for either in-company or custom designed programs. Some of our more popular in-company programs are:

  • Customer Service
  • Handling Customer Complaints
  • Controlling absenteeism
  • Supervisory skills
  • Social skills for Managers
  • Performance Appraisal
  • Conducting Appraisal Interviews

Psychometric testing

We offer various assessment programs to objectively establish the degree to which job applicants meet the criteria for a vacant position.

Psychological assessment is done through duly validated and standardized psychological tests. Test results are interpreted by academically trained, highly experienced psychologists.

Executive recruitment

Outsource the whole recruitment and selection procedure to us and be presented with just a shortlist of the best qualified candidates.

This can save you a lot of valuable time. We have the ability to reach a large number of candidates throughout the Caribbean. We have a very high success rate when it comes to finding the right person for the vacant positions in your organisations.

Training & development

We train over a thousand working people every year with a large number of very interactive programs.

Apart from our standardized training packages, we write material to fit your exact needs. We are flexible as to the size of the groups, training hours and dates and setup of the training to fit your needs and budget.

Job Classification

We describe and classify the positions in your organization.

In this way there is clarity about what every position entails, and performance criteria can be communicated to the employees holding the positions. After the description of jobs, these can be evaluated to determine their relative "weight" in the organization.

Salary structures

We help our customers with the design of modern salary structures.

The systems designed and implemented by us make your salaries more manageable and enable you to better budget (the development in) wage costs.

Performance Appraisal

With the help of our easy-to-use systems we assist organizations in designing a tailor-made appraisal system which include competencies and performance goals.

After the system is set up, we train appraisers in the use of various interviews to provide feedback to the employees.